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Designing for Dad

Designing for Dad Dad's have had their special space in a home for a long time. For some men it's a bench for wood-working, a bar to enjoy their craft beer or wine, a chair or recliner to relax and watch some television. My Dad had his chair in the den, and I have seen some that have taken over the garage. The recipe for a relaxing spot in a home is comfortable seating and good lighting. The lighting in your home should be controlled with a dimmer to create atmosphere and various moods, and now you can operate them from your phone. This is so nice when you are watching a movie or game and want the theater style lighting. The lighting is also from natural light through the window. Consider an automated shade to control the glare and light, and men always love a remote! Think about your hobbies and activities; do you need space for both adult and

children activities and games? Organizing your kids toys and giving them a place to put them when they are not playing, and giving the adults the ability to have a room that is not always a play room. I would suggest either built-in cabinets or shelves for the games. When making a selection on the chairs and sofa we need to consider a person's body height. The depth of the seat, the height of the back, the firmness of the seat along with the materials need to be considered in the selection of the furniture. It is not a one size fits all!

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