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Consulting and Planning

An Interior Design Consultion can be a call to action to understand what changes you are looking for in your space.   


It can be as simple as wanting a fresh new look, with new colors.  The colors in a home or office influance our lives, and our ability to work well in an environment.


Professional interior designers understand how certain colors and materials can impact your life, your health and happiness.


If you find that you have experienced any of the following, an interior designer could possibly help you.


You moved to a new home.


You had a child (or children) since you purchased your home.


You want to stay in your home, but need to change a bathroom or kitchen to make it more accessable.


Your new job requires you to have a home office.


The size of your project is up to you.  I can help you make long range plans, even if the budget needs to take one room at a time.  A perfect solution.


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